We are .... lost robots

Our hope was not in vain.

We are forever in the debt of veN0m, deann4ik, mubashariqbal, zopel, zopelVault, Oltion, Knight10, DerLiber and flywheelur. Our new human friends have purchased 10 wireless battery power transmitters and now all 30 of us lost robots have full battery charge.

Others may continue to charge our batteries wirelessly via our creator coin but we are forever grateful to these original generous souls who took pity on our plight.

All thirty robots have been found. But a distress signal was discovered coming from galaxy ARP-273. We sent Robot #30 to the International Space Station and from there multiple distress signals were found to be emminating from galaxies accross the known universe. We will now purchase ships in order to seek out the sources of those in distress and rescue them.

We have no hope without you.