About lost robots

Lost Robots is an NFT project found exclusively on DeSo created by Nathan Wells. All the art is created by AI using the VQGAN+CLIP machine learning algorithms.

Nathan has always been fascinated by AI generated art and recently started playing around with these algorithms and stumbled across a phrase that produced awesome looking robots in a forest setting. Having recently joined the DeSo community, a story started taking form and Nathan released the Lost Robots series. To generate the thirty robots in this series, 1000's have been generated. Only the very best are selected, and then touched up slightly by Nathan.

The story starts out in the forest but will soon go beyond our galaxy. Thank you for joining the in adventure!

Want to learn more about AI generated art? (you can try it yourself here)VQGAN stands for: Vector Quantized Generative Adversarial Network. And CLIP stands for: Contrastive Languageā€“Image Pre-training. Combined they can take a sentence and turn it into art. You can do this with varying results. Sometimes what is generated is quite cool, and other times it is underwhelming. But always amazing!

We have no hope without you.