Pre-sale via wireless battery transmitter NFT sales. NFT purchase amount is invested in Lost Robots Creator Coin and percentage of total sales by user is transferred back to user in form of Lost Robots Creator Coin.

Thirty maps will be minted in a timed auction with locations of Lost Robots. Each map purchased allows user to mint a Lost Robot via lostdesorobots.com for free. If time passes on auction without any bids, that robot will be lost forever (increasing rarity of Lost Robots).

The Lost Robots detected a distress signal coming from galaxy ARP-273 and Robot #30 was launched to the International Space Station. While orbiting the earth, Robot #30 detected multiple distress signals from galaxies accross the universe. Now that all thirty lost robots have been recovered we move to phase 2.

Spaceships will be minted and sold for 1 DeSo (except the first ship which is sold as a timed auction). The owner of the spaceship NFT will be able to launch their ship into space via the Lost Robots Space Port. Launch will include a free NFT of the spaceship taking off from the launch site. If the user owns a robot (or multiple), the user will receive a random refund on the purchase of their spaceship NFT (higher percentage is possible if the user owns multiple robots).

Then once the spaceships are purchased and launched, users will have a chance to send their spaceship through various wormholes in order to make the journey to rescue those who have sent distress signals. Those who don't have ships, will be able to rent a ship in order to make the journey (for an additional fee).

The adventure will continue...

Lost Robots is created exclusively for DeSo by @nathanwells
Verified on Supernovas